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Welcome to the new site!

So, the new site is up and running and very pleased with it we are too. We really wanted to give people a chance to see what it is we do and how we go about doing it and hopefully answer a few of peoples questions along the way.

We really love what we do here at Hardman & Hemming and we think our new and improved website shows how much. ┬áThe plan is to keep things fresh and updated with pictures of all the new garments we make and to blog about suits, fashion and anything else that take our fancy, so do keep checking back and feel free to call us out if there isn’t anything new for a while. ┬áKeep us on our toes.

The other thing we love to do is meet new people, not just of the customer variety, so please do pop in the shop and say hello. Maybe have a look through the wide selection of cloth we have in store and our vast collection of pattern books, there is more choice than you think.

Tailors can be a showy off bunch of people sometimes and it’s always nice to have the opportunity (and a new audience).

See you soon

*Strides away from the keyboard in a flurry of Satin lining*